Sunday, September 23, 2012

Parents' Visit

A week ago, my parents came into town for their annual visit. Last year we took them to some pretty fun places and good restaurants but this year we simply took them everywhere. Anywhere and everywhere we could think of.

Luckily, most of that "everywhere" was just a few blocks from us thanks to the Parkway's plethora of museums.

When they first arrived Monday night, we were able to take them around the corner to Hickory Lane to grab a burger. No one actually ended up getting a burger, but my dad did find a beer he liked!

The next day, we hiked to the Art Museum.

(They even did the Rocky steps!)

I've been there a handful of times but only to special events and exhibits. This time, though, we spent several hours strolling through the long halls of European art, armor, architecture and Asian temples and tea houses. I was really amazed by the anthropological elements in there. Like this...

... or this...

... or this! 

That night, we headed to Moshulu, the restaurant-on-a-ship that we tried to take them to several times during their last visit and never succeeded. 

I really think they liked sitting there on that lit-up boat, looking over the Delaware and sipping martinis. 


The next day, Bill headed into work and the rest of us went on more museum expeditions. 
 We started at the Perleman building of the Art Museum which houses the Collab gallery of design. Its was pretty limited, but there were some favorite mid-century pieces in there. 

The Perleman also housed an exhibition of women's coats, which was a weird but really cool exhibit. Lots of Betty Draper-esque designs. 

After hitting their favorite deli in Philly, Famous 4th Street, my parents and I headed to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square to see the light installation we posted about in what was, sadly, my last post. It was such an awesome (truly, awe inspiring) sight and I didn't want them to miss out on it while they were still in town. We all grabbed a glass of wine and walked amongst the splendorous colored lights that my dad kept saying looked like "Avatar" and my mom kept saying looked like "Lord of the Rings". 


The next day, we let my parents hang out at Eastern State Penitentiary for a few hours before seeing the new Barnes Foundation. 

I had been somewhat loathed to go there, not being very supportive of the "heist" that happened when the city of Philly took the collection illegally from Barnes' home. But my not being happy with the move wasn't going to move the works so I thought I'd bring my parents so they could at least see them.

I was very impressed by the building. Its really quite gorgeous in its minimalistic and mid-century way. However, there was something off-putting in seeing the collection and its rooms housed in a massive, cold building. It felt wrong. And the transition between mass structure and closed rooms of the galleries took something away from the pieces. You didn't quite have that "Holy Cow!" feeling you did in the old building. 

But I could talk about that all day... 

We next went to a fun trapeze show! As part of the Philly Fringe festival, Tangle, a trapeze and gymnastic group, put on a fun show in one of the Phila soundstages. It was a bit "off the beaten trail"
 and because of that, I think the folks really enjoyed it. 

Afterwards, we all went to R2L, the highest restaurant and bar in Philly, for some drinks and views. Sadly, my iPhone is pictureless from that adventure. 


And speaking of pictureless, we went to Cape May on Friday, but those pictures will have to be shared at a different time, when I actually have them. Sadly, we seem to have left our camera in my parents car. Which is now in Illinois, obviously. 


Saturday, our last day together, we had brunch at the Waterworks- a restaurant on the Schuylkill River which was created in the classical style and thus looks like a Grecian ruin.  Totally "Wow" producing for tourists and visiting parents.  

After taking in the sun and a nice meal there, we went to the Devon Fall Classic, an equestrian jumping competition. It was actually a ton of fun and the weather was fantastic! 

The grounds were beautiful and they had a little "village" of boutique shops and fair food. Like apple cider and fresh doughnuts! 

Sadly, my parents had to hit the road only a few hours later. 

Though they only come visit once a year - we make it worth their while they are here! Meg and Bill Travel Agency, anyone?