Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We interrupt this broadcast for a very important message...

I know I said the next post I did would be more house updates, but we have something much more important to share!

Meet Oxford! - the newest member of our family!

That's right, we adopted a dog this weekend! We had been looking at dogs online for about a month and came to realize that its a pretty competitive process - one dog we were interested in had 100 applications in on her! So when we inquired on Oxford and heard there was another family in before us, we figured that's the last we'd hear about him.

But on Sunday at 6pm, we got a call telling us that the other family's current pup didn't get along with Oxford so they passed! So we hopped in the car, drove 30 minutes away and met Oxford. He warmed up to us right away and we to him and it didn't take long for us to realize he was going to be the perfect fit for our family.

And boy has he been a good pup!

Not to mention super smart and playful...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Home Inspiration

Its been a while, I know, but we've been spending every extra minute on house projects - projects I'll be sharing soon. But today I'm feeling under the weather and so I'm taking this opportunity to share a little inspiration for the new house. Right now we've been in mainly de-carpet-and-wallpapering mode so decorating seems pretty far off, but its ok to dream and plan, right? 

Inspiration for the new house... 

Living room

Clean, neutral surroundings with natural wood elements and fibers plus blue velvet and gold accents. That's my convoluted plan 

Dining Room

Green and grey! We plan on painting the walls a grey (maybe lighter than this one here), painting farmhouse chairs in emerald green and adding these curtains... 


The kitchen will likely have many phases. Right now we are keeping the current blue and yellow tile and gold range cover so whatever we do needs to work with that. Right now we are planning a lot of white cabinets, concrete countertops (a DIY project) and some new, orb pendent lights. Oh, and deep shades of blue everywhere... 

Master Suite 

We have some taupe-y looking walls and lots of white, including a new white four-poster I will share with everyone soon. So, while I want to keep our room clean and serene, it needs some personality too. Maybe something earthy and dark or red and bold. Not sure yet, but here's the current inspiration... 

The bathroom is currently dealing with its pinkness with a lot of white and clean, new "marble" floors. A lot of people who have had to keep the pink have balanced it out with black and white, which is our plan. We just need to paint some horizontal black stripes (like below) to finish things off in there for a while. 

Guest rooms

I can't say I really have a plan for any of the guest rooms right now, or even the guest bath. But I do know I eventually want twin beds in the smaller room and the larger guest room to rock out in some bold colors - something the rest of the house will probably lack. 

Some current inspiration... 

Family room 

This room is also pretty far off so I can't say I have a plan for it either. But I'm feeling like it will be more modern, masculine with hints of traditionally girly colors, like coral. 

Ok, that one is a tad ornate and old world for me, but the color scheme and stone walls are working for me. 

Love the dark and simple lines with punches of coral color

Maybe go a little more Mediterranean? Either way, love to colors. 

LOVE this room! Maybe use greenery for punches of color instead! 

Downstairs bath

I've been thinking lately about saving some of our money and keeping the crazy fuchsia toilet and vanity downstairs. With the right flooring and accents, we might be able to work the fuchsia to our advantage. 

Like this but, well, a bathroom... 

And that's all for now, folks! 

New update photos coming soon - I promise!