Thursday, February 12, 2015

Restarting Tradition

2014 was a busy year for me with work. Both work work and home work (ugh, does any one else still get sick at the mention of 'homework'?). So 886 got the shaft. Most of our posts (ok, like 99% of them) were about the house. Which is fine - cause, who are we kidding, thats all we do now.

But I was perusing old posts and noticed back at the end of 2012 I went through the year and shared my favorite moments from that year. What better way to recap your year, feel happy about it and excited for the next?

So I'm bringing it back! (We just have to all pretend you are reading this post 1 month ago).

So 2014...

Lets start with the fact that in 2013, this little lady was added to the McEwan clan..

She's been an amazing little person for all of us Aunts and Uncles (oh, and I'm an Aunt -whhaaa?) to witness. 

So here are a few of my favorite Leah moments from 2014

First birthday! She learned how freaking awesome presents are. All goes down hill from here, kiddo. Presents are IT! 

That party can't be mentioned without noting that the 'lady bug theme' was somehow translated to 'wear a ladybug costume'. We were the only ones dressed like ladybugs, in case you were wondering. 

She made a few visits to our house, one of which included learning to play the piano in the cutest way possible. 

And lets note how freaking adorable she was a Christmas, when her hair got long enough to put into pigtails, she could repeat pretty much every word you said (uh oh) and almost every outfit contained an adorable penguin. 

But, I suppose we should move on to less cute stuff... 

2014 started with a lot of love. Bill had just proposed at the end of December. Our wonderful friends threw us a perfect, intimate engagement party...

Look at our beautiful hostess hard at work... 

... and play!

That lovely lady is also now quite pregnant with their first! 


Shortly thereafter, we had the same group over for a fantastic Murder Mystery Dinner! 

Set in the roaring 20's, of course... 

The murderer is amongst us!! Gasp! 

2014 also brought a TON of new engagements - Carrie and Chris, Eliza and Mike, and April and Steve (some of who are already married now!) 

In worse news, though, 2014 also marked the announcement of April and Steve's moving in Chicago, which was pretty devastating. 

But it does mean more Chicago trips in 2015! 


Bill climbed pretty much every bit of terrain in 2014... 

2014 was also the year of Bill showing how many ants are truly in his pants (tons, just tons). 

The man couldn't go an hour without a project. So when he wasn't working on the house, he was... 

...welding or building motorbikes.. 

...forging metal... 

... to create hand-made knives... 

2014 was also the year of a gazillion home projects...

Certainly the biggest of which was the kitchen transformation 

But a lot of areas got a good coat of paint

And the guest bedroom got an overhaul ...

And the house got a heavy dose of Meg's artwork 

And I think the hall counts as 2014 as we finished it right at the beginning of the new year... 


2014 held a few great trips for us...

Like sailing the Chesapeake 

Newport Folk Fest with the family! 

Hiking and visiting quaint Jim Thorpe with Kate and Ty 

Of course, Cape May! 

Shotgun shooting with April and Steve!

Invisible River on the Schuylkill with my parents 

(no, those aren't my parents... or us... or anyone I know because my friends just aren't that flexible) 

NYC/MoMA with Bill 

and STL and Chicago to visit my best friends! (who happen to be my bridesmaids!) 

Speaking of which...

Wedding planning took off this year.

We picked a venue... 

... the food, the flowers, the dresses, the invites... everything, basically. Now 2015 is just when that shit gets real! 

Speaking of real... 

This beloved couple got married in 2014. Liss and Sean finally tied the knot and it was a super fun weekend to boot. 

I was also entrusted with throwing the bride-to-be a bridal shower in 2014. I didn't totally blow it... 

And, we certainly weren't short on parties 'round here... 

(yes, that a piano-melodica duo - limited engagement, sorry) 

Ending with the epic McEwan Christmas party! 

With tickle-dance-offs and everything! 

All-in-all 2014 was a good year!

Here's to an even better 2015!