Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting Fancy

My new job in the world of development gets me invited to a lot of fundraising events. You know, cocktails for a cause type of events. Luckily, my date is on the board of my non-profit, so bringing him along isn't much of a challenge.

Lately, we've been teaming up to do a bunch of fundraising cocktail receptions and foundation parties. It all adds up to some pretty fun dressing up (well, dressing up for me. Bill just wears his work gear cause he's got fancy pants all day).

Last week we schmoozed at a foundation cocktail reception with a bunch of people we asked money from. I dressed like Sophia Loren's secretary. Afterwards, Bill found his new favorite meal which he lovingly calls "bimbop" even though its actually a Korean name that doesn't sound like "bimbop" at all.

Then, in less fancy dress,  we schmoozed with rich people at the flower market.

To celebrate a week of getting fancy, we got fancy again and went out to our favorite bar, Franklin Mortgage and Investment Co. (its a speakeasy!). I made Bill wear a vest. He looked awesome. This is the only crappy picture he let me take.

Then last night, we went to this awesome outdoor cocktail fundraiser at the Smith Memorial Playground. Its this huge classical-style mansion that was built for, and still runs as, a giant playground. Today, the grounds are a big party of swings, climbing rocks and teeter-totters. Normally you can't get in without a kid, but last night they needed money so they invited just adults for a little fundraising magic. We got an invite because we schmoozed with their director at the flower market and she seemed to like us a lot. It was gorgeous weather, they had some of the best food trucks in town, popcorn and cotton candy, and a lot of fun booze. Good times were had.

Oh, and we dressed fancy....

I might have still thrown popcorn all over myself... 

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