Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hello again!

Its been several months, I know, but we haven't had access to a computer in a while. Why? 

Because our office space looks like this.... 

And our computer is chilling with the front hall credenza...

But I finally broke down and just took a bunch of shitty iPhone pics, because we've had some fun updates around here. 

First of all, about two months ago, we finally decided to tag out the horrible shag carpet that haunted our den. It was orange, covered in dog pee (and human in the carpeted bathroom), and 40+ years old. So it was time to go. We hiked out to Lumber Liquidators and came home with a sagging-trunk load of boxed planks. Within a week, Bill did the whole thing. By himself. 

It looked incredible. For all of 36 hours... 

Then, Bill left his beloved floor, and a storm of sewage wrecked havoc on it. Yes, sewage. About 40 years of sewage spilled out of the open sewage pipe in the half bath. It covered everything before we even had a chance to enjoy it. Another 48 hours and it looked like this again... 

Yes, that's mopped up sewage. 

But the good news is that only two weeks after this travesty, Bill was back to work - no surprise there - and we now have beautiful floor #2. We also have a clean sewer main and a new toilet (to protect us from sewer gremlins crawling up...) 

We will be buying the new vanity shortly as well so we can finish up that space and have a truly functioning half bath! 

In other house news, we were sick and tired of finding little poop presents on the kitchen floor when we got home, so we installed a beautiful new fence to keep little man in, and the terds out! 

Hello beautiful new fence! Goodbye kitchen poops!


We've also started tackling some of the furniture around here - finally painting and staining the coffee table we've had for like 9 months...

Oh, and Bill, his dad and brother Jon BUILT a dining room table! They BUILT IT!!! In a day!!! I left for work and came back that evening and in our garage was a brand new, BEAUTIFUL and huge dining room table!! 

There they are, the brilliant craftsman themselves!

Its all sanded and ready to go - we just need to stain it! 

Because we have this gorgeous new piece, I've quickly made the dining room my next project. Two weekends ago, I tore down all the wallpaper (before and afters to be shared shortly!) and this weekend the paint is going up! So, ideally, my next post will be sharing a mostly finished dining room! 

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