Monday, February 24, 2014

The Big Reveal!

So we just (well, about 2 weeks ago at this point but you know how quickly I post these...) survived Snowmaggedon. Not one of those "our driveway got coated in snow and it was cold out" Snowmaggedons. This was a 6-days without power Snowmaggedon. It wasn't what I would call pleasant, or even quaint. It sucked. But, absence makes the heart grow fonder and now that we have it back, we cherish this good ol' electricity probably more than each other right now.

In the celebration of electricity, I thought it fitting we share our most airy and light-filled transformation yet: Our foyer.

As a reminder, here's what the room looked like upon move in:

Sexy, thick navy carpets, granny-approved floral wallpaper (pre-stained), and a broken, dim lantern. 

For the first thing guests saw when they came in, it was pretty bleak, and entirely unwelcoming. 

So after some careful thought, and a little help from my friends, I decided the space needed brightening up... 

And more "Progress".... 

Sorry for the shitty iPhone pics, but immediately after getting together the space, we took the furniture out to sand it and restain (which we are in the process of doing!). So these were some pretty quick captures. But hopefully you can see we went with gallery-white walls, a glossy-black door and mod light fixture and painted the risers on the stairs. 

We plan on putting up some original artwork and some fun frames to give the space some more character, but I'm a big fan already. Once the chest gets some poly on it and we get it back in there, this room will be 90% complete! The result? I hope a general mash-up of the following: 

Hoping for that kind of artwork... 

Those stairs, similar black door, and pops of turquoise glass and natural greens.

All on a super white background with a few modern elements. 

Hope it looks like we are getting close! 

We've been cranking through a few other small projects as of late (and by we I mean Bill)... 

An awesome stump side table that will be making its way to the den

Our welcoming new house numbers! 

And we may have given our dog a mohawk.... 

Stay tuned for more house updates, life updates and dog hairdos! 

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