Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Family Round Here

Its growing. 
Nope, nope, not that news yet. This baby is much furrier (well, I hope) than our future human babies will be. 

Meet Lana

She has one ear up, one down, permanently 

She's a super cuddler and melts into your lap 

She gets along (pretty) well with her big brother

She sleeps pretty well

Plays really well 

And is a good companion to our Oxy...

 which is why we opened our home to her. For a while, we thought Oxford could use with a bit more socialization. Every time we introduced him to a new dog, he would lunge to attack and then come back over for a good ol' game of tag. By then, the other pup was less than fond of Oxford playtime. 

So we started our search for an in-house puppy playmate and soon came across our gal Lana. 
They work really well together, actually, play well together, respect one another 90% of the time, and keep each other in check (Oxford actually pushes her if she takes too long to 'sit' at mention of a treat, and Lana comes to our rescue if Oxy snaps at us for taking away a found Kleenex). 

We're very happy with this little lady and are glad to call her a McEwan! 

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