Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend

This weekend felt like a long one. In a good way, that is. We just had a lot happen in three days.

Bill had Friday off so his friend from Jersey came down to hang out. They did boy things while I went to buy my bridesmaids dress for my friend Leah's wedding.  Afterwards, we went to a friend's house for a BBQ and some drinks. All in all, not a bad Friday off.

Then came Saturday, during which I began my Spring cleaning craze (updates to come soon). Saturday night we headed to Bill's sister's house for his little sister, Sam's, 21st birthday. I attempted to bake a birthday cake for her, but let's just say that it was less a cake and more an icing-glued pile of dough scraps. Yeah, not great.

I tried to conceal my poor baking with a giant paper flower as a topper.

Can't really see it at all here, which is probably a good thing. You can see, however, that I chose to do this last minute save on the trunk of Bill's car outside of his sister's house. Typical. 

Sam was sweet and posed with my mess of a cake. Bill was sweet and blurred out the mess again.

We went to a pub that night at midnight. Sadly, it wasn't a ton of fun for the newly-legal girl. We did, however, have an adoring fan of a bartender. We couldn't really figure out who he adored, but he constantly visited our group, shook our hands at the end of the night and even followed us out the door to tell us Thank You. We didn't tip him well enough for such adoration. 


Then came Easter, which brought spectacular, stay-out-all-day-in-the-sun weather. In fact, that's exactly what we did. 

Bill and I sunning ourselves 

Mary and Marie enjoying the porch swing

Sam even gave me beautiful hair! 

The inside was enjoyed in other ways... 

And then there was the cooking...

...and the eating...

...and the eating...

...and the eating.

Did I mention how much we ate?

Birthday girl cupcakes were mandatory. 

As were family pictures. Reading left to right: Mary McEwan, William McEwan, the birthday girl, Sam McEwan, and Jon McEwan. 

That was it! How was your holiday weekend?

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