Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Gritty Weekend

Unlike back home in Illinois, where it has apparently been steadily climbing into the 80's, its been pretty cold and miserable here. This week brought nothing but chilly weather and cloudy skies and the weekend was no different. Friday, I went out to my car to find a flat tire, so I lazily let it sit till Sunday, which meant I stayed pretty close to home the entire weekend.

However, Friday night, Bill and I did cab it downtown to see an amateur boxing contest at the Sporting Club, aka the celebrity and rich people's gym. Our friend, John, was interested in participating in next year's bout so his wife suggested he go see what it was all about first. So we packed into an immaculate gymnasium with a center ring for a pretty entertaining night.

Most fights ended in split decisions as everyone was around the same skill level. However, hands down the female fights were 100X's more intense. The girls just went for blood every time, throwing face punches with no lack of energy. After a female fight, the male fights just seemed boring. 


Saturday, Bill had a climbing competition (which is less competition and more just an excuse to climb outdoors) an hour away near Harrisburg. He got to go play on giant boulders with a few of his climbing buddies. It was pretty cold and wet, but I still think he had fun. 

King of the mountain. 


After staying in and doing a little work, I got to finally change my tire in the rain, which was a fun task. 

And, sadly, that just about wrapped up our cold and gritty weekend. 

Did anyone make any fun out of this weather, inside or out? 

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