Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Cleaning

As Spring comes (and goes as its been in the 50's this week), I feel the need to lighten up the house a little. Come May, Bill and I will have lived here for a year so its probably about time to do some real-deal cleaning, not just the "put things away and maybe vacuum" kind of cleaning.

Looks nice out there! Let's get it nice in here! 

So I've started a short list of things I want to accomplish around the house in the vein of Spring Cleaning...

1. Scotch Guard couch. Its about time.
2. Replace living room rug or get it cleaned
3. Wash kitchen cabinets
4. Rehang cabinet fabric
5. Repaint doorway moldings (those things could use some fresh white!)
6. Finally make my above-bed art
7. Reorganize office
8. Plant an azalea somewhere!
9. Figure out a better way to store table linens (my obsession is taking over the kitchen!)
10. Try to get rid of the gook in the shower!
11. Possibly add roman shade to patio door
12. Possibly paint kitchen stools and brighter, happier color.

That's my list! I'm hoping to get started this weekend.

Do you have any Spring Cleaning to-do's?

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