Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A few of my favorite things...

For the last few days Bill has been away in San Francisco for a tech conference. Its been a little boring here without him but the good news is he's been sending me lots of fun pictures for a fun Bill post when he gets back.

In the mean time, here's a few of my latest obsessions...

1. Mango.com 

Somehow I missed this awesome international clothing store. I saw an ad for it with Kate Moss on YouTube and figured the clothes cost thousands of dollars.

Nope! That dress at the end, which I am drooling over, is like $60!!!!
Their stuff falls between H&M and J.Crew in style and pricing which is like they made a store just for me.

2. Pokey LaFarge

He's got a ridiculous stage name but I love his style, his sound, and his location- he's a Saint Louis boy!! In fact, I've noticed he's been kind of putting STL on the map with style and young tourism. Go Pokey and the South City Three!

3. Our tandem bike! 

Photo courtesy of Johnathon Ivy Photography 

I've been dreaming about our June vacation a lot lately. But mostly, I'm crazy excited about our first day there in Napa. Namely, I'm excited about the tandem bike we rented! How perfect does that sounds? Tandem bike in the summer driving through the vineyards of Napa?! Pinch me!

4. Mac & Cheese 

Photo courtesy of Evil Shenanigans 

I've been craving good old, creamy mac n' cheese lately. Of course, it brings together the two things I can't eat so its been a no-go since I changed my diet. However, I've recently been having a lot of success with gluten-free pasta and fake cheese so I think I might try my hand at combining the two this week. Maybe I'll even add a little gluten-free bread crumbs to the top and bake it! Mmmmmm.....

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