Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bill's Trip to San Francisco

I realize its been about forever and a year since I posted. Since Bill came back from his San Francisco conference I've been working on the City Paper Home and Garden Gift Guide which has forced me into driving all over greater Philadelphia for gift picks. Its been draining.

But I'm finally back to report on Bill's trip. (He wouldn't write it himself so this story is secondhand).


I drove him to the airport early Sunday morning when he got a call. It was an automated voice message that simply told him his flight was cancelled and... good luck. Off to a good start.

He was able to catch another flight only an hour later but it routed him through Phoenix with a three-hour layover, making him miss his only workshop during the conference.

When he got to Phoenix International this is what he found...

(That's a flat tire on an abandoned cart in the middle of the aisle, for those of you who are as unobservant as I was) 

That pretty much summed up his first day. A mess. 

Luckily, they had put him up in a pretty swank hotel. 

(View of lobby from upper floor) 

He made it just in time for social hour- a wine and tapas meet-and-greet. Sadly, this is what the tapas looked like.... 

Poop on a stick! 


Before signing off for the night I received these...

 His enchanting view from the hotel. 


While the majority of his time was spent doing this.... 

He was able to find time to rent a bicycle for $30. On two wheels, he decided to tour the waterfront and cross the Golden Gate a night. On the way, he found some interesting things... 

...and old time arcade with antique games...

...like this one that Bill actually went up against. (The warning says this thing means business so start at fly weight, tough guy) 

And then he found this... 

A trampoline gym!!!! How fun is that!? I think I'm going to open one.

Of course, Bill went in and played for a while. 

Moving on, he came across the beautiful architecture of the Palace of Fine Arts located in the park on the San Fran side of the bridge. 

Finally, came the long trip over the bridge and back again. 

About twelve hours later, he was home safe! This was Bill's second trip to San Fran this year and our trip in  June will be number three! He should be able to recommend the best airport restaurants and know where all the terminal outlets are. :-) 


I swear the next post won't be a week from now. Bill and I are working on a fun project we'll show off a little later but I'm done with all of my faux-buyer adventures, leaving plenty of time for blogging for my beloved family and friends!

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