Monday, June 4, 2012

A Fairmount Picnic

Yesterday, Bill went with a couple guy friends to the Rugby "Sevens" held in Phila. I think he's now pretty into the sport, which now gives him two sports to be interested in!

They had gorgeous weather in a beautiful new stadium, so I believe he had a pretty fantastic Sunday.

I, however, cleaned the house. So when Bill came home I wanted to do something fun outside as well, so I drug him to a picnic dinner in Fairmount Park, on the backside of the Art Museum. 

We made peas and prosciutto pasta, one of our new favorites because it has to be the easiest, quickest meal ever and it turns out tasty every time. 

And that was it! 
We are super excited for Friday, when we finally head to California for our vacation! 

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