Monday, July 9, 2012

A Belated Fourth

I haven't had much time to report back on our 4th of July holiday yet, birthday celebrations and all. But now that all the festivities are over, I can fill you in on our very, very hot holiday.

We traveled out of the city of Independence and up to Cranford, NJ where we gathered with Bill's family at his sister's house. We ate salsa, some of us eating ghost pepper salsa on double dares, burgers, chicken and hotdogs. Then we sat in the sweltering heat and played yard games while we waited for it to cool down. It didn't, but we did eventually get to play with my new birthday present: a projector! As my Favorite Fourth post noted, I love the idea of summer movies outside, sitting on a blanket and enjoying some refreshing drinks. So Bill and I bought a projector to do just that! We tested it out on the 4th, hanging up a sheet on their barn wall, and drank some wine slushies and munched on popcorn before calling it a night.

But, of course, its not the 4th without something sparkly in the sky....

Stay tuned for my first guest blogger and some birthday fun!

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