Thursday, July 12, 2012

Meg's Birthday

For Meg's birthday it seemed appropriate to give our tireless 886Miles author a break and assign the blog entry to a guest writer.  Who, you ask?  THIS GUY. 

Meg's birthday started that Friday night with a Frida Kahlo themed party at our house.  Frida and Meg share a birthday (almost - 2 days apart) and quite a few years ago Meg grew a powerful unibrow to make her Frida Halloween costume that much more authentic.  No pictures of the unibrow, but maybe that's for the best.... Our party was a big hit with all of our (2) guests.

April and Steve (the guests) did bring a decadent Spanish chocolate cake that was gluten AND lactose free. Birthday fun and no indigestion!

Saturday morning we went to Germantown for some small town walking, shopping, walking, shopping and shopping.  We started at this place which was half knick-knack shop, half incredible atrium brunch place called "Cake."  (very birthday appropriate naming)

This next picture is the birthday girl post-awesome brunch:

On Sunday, we saw a great new movie called Safety Not Guaranteed.  The film follows three reporters as they attempt to track down the source of a classified ad seeking a partner for a time travel mission.  The producers of this movie also did Little Miss Sunshine, and much like Sunshine, Safety Not Guaranteed is enjoyable for just about everyone.  Go see it!  Meg and I give it a wholehearted recommendation.

We finished out the weekend at a new eatery in Philadelphia called Jamonera.  Although it's the kind of place that recommends "three to four dishes per person," we still made it out of there with a very reasonable bill.

And what birthday dinner would be complete without dessert from Capogiro??

Happy 24th Birthday My Love!!!

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