Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We're Alive!

I know, you probably thought we had died, or that I had retired from writing after I saw Bill's mad author skills.

Alas, none of that was the case. I'm just lazy and fell off the wagon. That and we somehow lost a bunch of pictures I was going to blog about.

All the same, we are back and about to take you through our super fun weekend.

It started on Friday, which is always a good thing. One of Bill's coworkers has been training in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and had a fight Friday night down in Wildwood, NJ, on the shore. So we bought ourselves some tickets and decided to make a mini-vacation out of it. We headed to the shore Friday afternoon, booking into our awesome hotel, the Caribbean.

This place was awesome. Apparently Wildwood has a "doo-wop" theme where everything, even the Wawa, is a 1950's pop-culture throwback. For the most part, that means everything is tacky and kind of gross, but the Caribbean totally embraced it and renovated with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. 

The pool had fake palm trees and the lounge looked like Rosie the Robot was about to come in and dust any moment. All in all, we were in love. 

We headed down the boardwalk, which, with all of its carnival rides and games would have been cute if it wasn't for the "Jersey" t-shirts hanging everywhere and the tacky radio show playing over the loud speakers. 

After eating at the only spot that looked like it wasn't going to give us herpes, we headed to the convention center to catch the main event. 

The fight card was long, with about nine fights that evening and Bill's coworker coming in second to last. But it was a ton of fun and there were some pretty good fighters in the mix, making for a great show. 

Afterwords, we headed back to the Caribbean, which was lit up in all its glory and tried our best to break into the pool. 

We didn't succeed. 

But that was ok, because the next day was beach day! 

Wildwood is only 15 minutes north of our favorite spot, Cape May, so we headed down to the completely different world of Painted Ladies, fine B&B's, gourmet restaurants and boutique shopping. I am still blown away by how different Cape May is from its sister city Wildwood only a few miles north. 

We started by grabbing some brunch at one of our favorite spots, the Mad Batter. 

I had a delicious lobster and crab frittata and Bill filled up on a yummy omelet. 

After stuffing ourselves, we headed to the beach for a few hours. 

The great thing about all of this was that when we eventually had to pack up and go home, we still had a whole day left in our weekend! 

And what did we do with that extra day, you ask?

Well, we worked! 

We actually painted one of Bill's rental homes, which had several large holes in the walls that needed patching, and thus painting. I actually really like painting, so it was pretty fun, despite the lack of AC. 

Look, even Bill had fun! 

We actually enjoyed working together very much, and the end result was pretty great, making it well worth it, although there were some pretty great moments in between....

Isn't he the best?!


That was our long weekend! 
We'll be back soon. I promise no more month-long breaks! 

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