Sunday, August 19, 2012

Double Date

After a couple weeks of not doing very much, Bill and I went on not one, but TWO dates this weekend!

Well, technically it all started Thursday night. We decided to finally hit up one of Philly's famous Night Markets. Over the last couple of summers, Philly has introduced a monthly fair of foods to its streets, hitting up a new neighborhood each month. This month it was the neighborhood of Mt. Airy which is part gorgeous old homes and part extreme poverty. All the same, while overly crowded, it was fun to take in the perfect summer weather while eating cheap, tasty bites.

We started off with a fresh lemonade, made with agave and a hint of lime. Tasty! 

Then Bill got some sort of spicy Vietnamese hoagie, which sounds right down his alley but it was a beef sandwich made by vegans so it was weird. 

I on the other hand went straight for the beef! A hot dog concoction from The Dapper Dog food truck made with cheddar, caramelized onions and some sort of fantastic sauce. 

Heart attack in a box. 

But that's ok, because we finished it off with the very healthy Vietnamese Coffee and Mango Sriracha popsicles. Ok, maybe not that healthy. Once again, you couldn't dream of a better combo for Bill - Mango Sriracha- but sadly the spice was a little faint for his liking. These delicious and creative pops were from a cute little cart I discovered a couple months ago called Lil' Pop Shop. Last time I found them I ordered a peach rosemary pop which I then immediately went home to copy. In fact, some of you might have been lucky enough to try mine! ;-) 

While I had fun taking everything in, I think we probably won't return anytime soon. The crowds were just terrible, and we went on the late side when people were clearing out, and Bill and I hate people too much to take them in such mass quantities. ;-) 


Speaking of mass crowds, we endured them again last night, this time for a more than worthy cause. Longwood Gardens, an estate gardens about an hour southwest of Phila, has this incredible summer installation by British light artist Bruce Munro (check it out here). We tried to go late Friday night but it ended up pouring, I mean POURING. so they cancelled the exhibit and we got to come back again last night. 

I have to say, this, along with the theatrical piece we interacted with last summer on the canoes on the Schuylkill, this was the most amazing art installation I've seen in Phila. I guess I'm partial to interesting art in nature. 

Enough talk. Here's the pictures: 

Pretty cool, huh? 

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