Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas on Woodstock Street

Today we had an early Christmas on Woodstock St. before heading to northern New Jersey for the week with Bill's parents. We had a Christmas brunch (the "traditional" one I grew up with) and unwrapped a few presents from one another early, you know, cause the world might end today!

In case the world doesn't end in the next 7 hours and you get to read this post in a non-apocalyptic setting, we thought you might enjoy a little festive Christmas cheer.

A few weeks ago, after coming home from Chicago, I opened the door to a freshly cut tree! I've never had a real tree before! And this is our first tree together. So lets just say it was a lot of fun... 

And stuffing presents under it was all the more fun! 

But brunch this morning was maybe the best. We even successfully converted my mom's Swedish pancake recipe to a gluten-free one! 

Stay tuned for more Christmas and some present unwrapping! 

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