Monday, December 31, 2012


The Christmas festivities have ended for 2012 (and we are all still miraculously here on Earth! No pole shifts or anything!), although I refuse to take down decorations until mid-January. We had a pretty good holiday up in New Jersey, spending time with the McEwans, playing games, making a lot of food, and even doing a little furniture making! Deb, Bill's twin's wife (whoa), is pregnant and the McEwan clan was working hard over the holidays to make her baby safe with some new radiator covers and a changing table! I was pretty impressed by the boys' handiwork (but obviously not enough to take a picture of it so we are picture-less).

Anyway, it was a pretty successful holiday week and I feel quite refreshed getting away from it all for over a week and not having to think about work, school or household chores!

But on to the pictures....

The Christmas setup 

Trying to get into photo-ready positions... and failing terribly, as Jon's face shows. 

Ok, that's better. 


Not so typical, but looking good! This is the annual McEwan family portrait. 

Sam and I snuggle up for the unwrapping

Oh no! You caught me mid un-wrap! 

Must be something exciting in there! 

Look how pretty Lissy looks in purple! 

Yea! A drain cleaner! Haha. 

You can tell Mike gets pretty excited by his presents

Bill got a monthly coffee subscription! 

Did I mention we had a White Christmas??

It actually got very white, with a blizzard on the last day! 

Stay tuned for a winter wedding recap, best of 2012 and NYE pics! 

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