Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Cardigans are still awesome

And here's proof.

I didn't follow them past their first hit album, First Band on the Moon which came out in 1996. Probably because I was eight and didn't know what it meant to "follow" a band. All the same, I remember "Loverfool" being one of the first songs I liked that wasn't in my parents' discography.

So two years later, when I was listening to Spice Girls or Britney Spears or something else instead, they came out with an awesome album called Gran Turismo that I'm just now discovering. I came across the video today...

Awesome for the following reasons...

1. It's a great pop song. They stopped making good pop in the 90's, I think (not that I follow it much today)
2. She looks like Kristen Bell from Veronica Mars - which is one of my top shows of all time.
3. There's a Star Wars reference at the end, which means The Cardigans are cultured, nerdy and awesome.

The defense rests.

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