Monday, November 21, 2011

Our weekend in pictures

Bill and I had kind of a three day weekend on account of his oral surgery Friday. After years of putting it off, the man finally had to get his wisdom teeth removed. After some funny antics in getting him out of the hospital and back home, we spent 99% of our weekend in the house (so its a good thing we like our home so much!).

Luckily, we did go out Thursday night to do a review on a burlesque show at the Walking Fish Theater in Fishtown. It was actually really, really fun. Here's my review.

Below are a few images describing the rest of our weekend.

A fun 'stashed smiley next to the Walking Fish Theater

A few select images from the show

Bill and I head outside for the first time in 24 hours and he wears this: a Go-Ruck hat, a MMA t-shirt, his black "adventure pants" and orange running shoes. I think he was trying to look as tough as possible to balance out his swollen chipmunk cheeks. 

Speaking of chipmunk cheeks...

The poor man has to ice his face for long periods at a time so we had to devise this chin strap. 
(He'll probably hate that I put this picture up here...) 

And this was what Megan was doing. I devised a yummy drink of mulled strawberries, grenadine syrup, dragonberry rum and raspberry seltzer. Red fruit goodness. 

I also failed at making a living room fort, which made me quite sad, but we did go see Take Shelter  which I thought was really good and would recommend it to someone who has two and a half hours they want to kill. But I would not recommend it to anyone who has elaborate 2012 fantasies as this movie will just make it worse. 

Finally, I'm SOOOO looking forward to driving home tomorrow! It's been too long since I've been home and several years since I've been home for a holiday, so needless to say, I'm dying with anticipation. In the mean time, my mother is already sending me little bits of joy...

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