Sunday, November 6, 2011

Family Weekend

This weekend Bill's family came to visit for a concert. Saturday morning I went on a few house tours in Passyunk Square East for my City Paper interior design post, The Great Indoors. I've covered a few other neighborhood open house tours but never has a series of homeowners been so nice or excited to have their homes featured! I hate snobby people who spend a ton of money on their homes and then feel really "private" about them. I love showing off my home and don't understand those who don't. But to each his own....

Anyway, I met up with Bill and his parents after the home tours and we went to Eastern State Penitentiary for their tour. Their haunted house clogs our streets but their unlimited free neighbor passes make up for it. They have a wonderful audio tour there (hosted by none other than Steve Buscemi) so if you haven't gone and live in the area- GO!

Afterwards, we started a mega chili cooking fest that aimed at feeding nine people. I got this yummy two-tomato chili recipe from Better Homes and Gardens which was the perfect meal for feeding tons on a chilly fall day.

Two Tomato Stew Chili
photo courtesy of

Then the fam came- Bill's two sisters, little brother and his brother-in-law, along with our good friend Sarah. After loading up on chili and some beautiful roasted veggies courtesy of Bill's mom (which I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of), we headed to the Academy of Music to see Amos Lee and Brett Dennen. Amos Lee is incredible in general but his voice and his massive band - which included a string ensemble this time- fill up a large space with so much energy. I like Dennen but he was better suited for a smaller venue. The family clan all seemed to love Amos too.

A very tiny Brett Dennen 

The Academy of Music's incredible ceiling 

My apologies for the crappy iPhone pics. No cameras were allowed so I had to sneak pics.

Today, Bill and I have kept it pretty simple, doing some work, riding bikes (plural because he rode two different bikes while I rode none), and making poached chicken soup.


My folks had a livelier Sunday, however. My dad is on vacation so my parents are spending some quality, and fun, time together this weekend. Today, they headed into the city (St. Louis, that is) for a jazz brunch at Lola's. They are just such cool kids! 

My dad looking like a cool beatnik 

My mom looking like the Bloody-Mary's are really good :-) 

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