Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day in Pictures

Last night we had a cozy little Valentine's Day celebration at home. We watched our first date movie, Up in the Air, which is particularly special as much of the film was shot and set in my hometown of St. Louis. Bill made the night extra special for me by indulging me in my love of buttery popcorn goodness. Mmmm.
He also came home with flowers and a sweet Damien Rice song on the guitar. I love that man.

These pink flowers have lasted almost two weeks. I love them! 

Bill's V-Day present from his mom. He inhales these little guys. 

A card from one of my closest friends back home

My card to Bill. We found this picture last year. It pretty much describes our entire relationship. :-) 

Look at how red those suckers are! 

That's how we celebrated love! (With lots of kisses scattered in, of course.) 
How did you celebrate?! 

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