Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bill's Birthday!

Yesterday, Bill turned 31! Woot! The poor birthday boy had to work, as always, so we scheduled in a lunch date and a dinner birthday bash. Our good friend, Sarah, came over with her drugged-up pup, Ches (as in Cheshire Cat), after his vet appointment in the city.

I decided to compose the entire meal around Bill's favorite thing to eat: Sriracha. Yes, that's a sauce, not a food, but here's how he generally feels about it...

This about sums it up. Bill puts Sriracha on everything. I mean everything. So I decided to make his favorite Sriracha conduits. I make this poached chicken soup from time to time that he seems to love. But, again, its mostly cause it gets covered in red hot sauce.

Anyway, the main course was the soup, but I wanted to keep with Asian theme so I made Asian turkey meatballs (another Bill favorite) and tried making beef potstickers. And because it was a dinner made by me, it had to have corresponding decorations. Here's what I ended up with...

Sarah ended up bringing a ton of fun party elements, like balloons, cookies, little dessert shots, and party hats! They totally made the party. 

(How many red heads does it take to light a candle?)

After five courses and several drinks, we were all feeling a little sleepy, like Birthday Boy here, so Sarah and Ches packed up and headed home. 

The rest of the night involved a little light singing... 

(Look at little Bill and big Bill!)

... and present opening

All I got for my birthday was this silly hat with a pink tag! 

Actually, he did OK for his 31st. He got socks (woot! fun, fun!), a winter hat, new mesh shorts, a water-proof map case for adventure racing, cool, grippy gloves with tech touch technology (you can use your iPhone with them on!), and this guy... 

A nice watch case for his stellar watch collection. 

Did I mention he also got a summer day for his birthday? It was 60 degrees yesterday, January 31st. Today is the same. Its incredible. 

All in all, I think he had a pretty decent birthday bash. 

How could you not with such awesome birthday hats? 

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