Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Update - Bill's Birthday Weekend

Bill received a present from his sister, Liss, which I decided to wrap. I didn't notice the obvious Harry Potter references until it was too late. You would have thought the "Owl Post" and "Charmed" writing would have given it away. I just thought it looked cool. The present was a set of four steel shot "cups". Pretty cool. 

On Sunday we treated ourselves to a couples massage for an hour. It was nice to do it together but I think neither of us think professional massages are worth the money. But it was the first time we went to Sherman Mills, a little factory conversion of shops and businesses. The massage center was next to this cute little courtyard. 

Then came the burgers. Bill specifically requested burgers for his birthday weekend. Can you tell whose is whose? Hint: the one on the right has apple slices on it, the one on the left is 90% BBQ sauce, 10% burger. 

Some cute, boyish wrappings.... 

And what's inside....

A fun lunchbox with a container for all that BBQ sauce (see, its already in use) and an adventure-racer approved first aid kit, to keep Mr. McEwan safe in his upcoming adventures. More gifts and wrappings on Tuesday, the Big Day! 

We also got our piano tuned this weekend, went to see a house in Wynnewood, went to see a modern home down the block for a City Paper interview, saw our neighbor's new home (yeah, lots of homes this weekend), got a little work done, finished our Lord of the Rings marathon, repaired Bill's rear fender, and made more General Tsao's. 

Here's to weekends! 

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