Thursday, January 12, 2012


Bill and I recently went to the Franklin Institute (our Science Center) for their Giant Mysterious Dinosaurs exhibit. We went on a Saturday night cause we are just that cool. Everyone else was over 40 or under 13.

Nerdiness aside, it was a pretty fun exhibit. It was a series of skeletons of the world's most fantastic dino finds. Sadly, I don't remember the names of these guys so I can't provide much info. If you think you know, tell us!

(hint: this one isn't T-rex) 

The unicorn dino. At least I captured a name on this one. 

This guy had such a long neck I had to grab it in three (crappy) shots. Her name, sorry to give it away, is Mamenchisaurus

That's quite the neck. Apparently its head had to be super tiny, as you can see, otherwise that long neck couldn't support it. 

This one probably looked like this in real life...

See the resemblance? 

The Franklin Institute isn't quite as great with its constant exhibits. Really all they have there is an IMAX theater and something called "Sky Bike", but they constantly have great exhibits coming through. They also throw some terribly posh parties in their grand hall under this guy...

and we all know Ben knows how to party. 

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