Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bluegrass Friday

Last night I decided we should go out and enjoy our city life like other young urban dwellers and not simply watch endless 30 Rock episodes like we normally do. So we popped over to World Cafe Live, a wonderful, eclectic music venue, for some bites, a drink and some old school bluegrass. We heard the Claire Lynch band, a quartet of bluegrass perfection. Claire Lynch headlined the band as its leading vocalist, obviously, but she was backed by three of the most talented string players we had ever laid ears on. The bassist played amazing bass, banjo and even did a tap dance for us on a song called "Buttermilk Road". The fiddle player also played mandolin, guitar and had a pretty amazing voice. The other violin/fiddle player was new to the band but could seriously pick away at that fiddle. Pretty amazing all in all.

Here's a taste...

What I loved about them, other than the raw talent, was their variety of sound. Yes, they are a bluegrass band primarily, but they provided twangy and folky versions and even supplied the audience with a little bluesy rock and even some swing! 

The body drum and tap dancing on "Buttermilk Road" 

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