Friday, January 6, 2012

Our Anniversary

This New Years marked Bill and I's second year anniversary. He told me early on that he had a secret plan for the day and I didn't have a hint at all as to what it was until he accidentally gave it away as we were driving to it.

Meg: "Let's open each other's presents now"
Bill: "No, it'll be better if we do it on the train"
Meg: "Train?! What train?! Are you taking me on the Strasburg Railroad?!"
Bill: Silence.

Yep, we road a train for our anniversary. But not just any train. The Strasburg Rail is a fully refurbished Victorian train with a parlor, lounge car, coach, dining car and Presidential lounge. I have been dreaming of taking a real-deal, old-fashioned passenger train since I moved to the East Coast and this one was simply beautiful. We didn't get any great pictures of the interior as the sun was shining heavily into the car so I've grabbed a few from the website to demonstrate.

The "President's Car" at the Strasburg Railroad

The President's Car was used by President Harry Truman and has been completely restored to its former glory. 

The First Class Parlor Car where we sat

The ride was relatively short- about 9 miles round trip- but it took us past some beautiful, picturesque Lancaster County Amish farms. Oh, and did I mention that it was about 60 degrees that day- so warm that the sunny car had most of its windows down to cool it off? Yeah, it was glorious.

Our parlor car

Who's that handsome stranger coming my way?

We were the best dressed people there... by a landslide...

The rail line is part of a larger railroad museum so they have a ton of old trains and engines around the place

At the halfway mark, instead of turning the train around in a loop, the engine detached from the front of the train and backed up to the back and took us backwards. As it did so, it passed the cars, giving us a few good shots....

This was such a fun trip and I would recommend it to anyone with a car (its about an hour outside Philly). It was definitely a fun, romantic and unique date. 

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