Saturday, December 3, 2011

12 Dates of Christmas

Recently I came across another blogger, Marci, who came up with this great idea a few years ago. As part of the holiday season, her and her significant other plan "12 Dates of Christmas". Check it out here. Yeah, it sounds corny and mushy, but to be honest, its easy to get in the pattern of "dates" looking like a pint of ice cream and a string of South Park episodes. WHICH, is OK, but doesn't qualify as a "date".

So I decided to snag her idea and plan 12 little dates with Bill during the month of December. They don't require money or a specific amount of time- they just require us to do something new together without the distractions of mindless TV.

So we went on Date #1 late last night. After some left overs, we took the car downtown to walk around the Christmas Village, see City Hall sans protesters, grab a hot chocolate and walk around the Macy's window displays.

Here's what we saw....

A giant noodle outside of the Christmas Village for no apparent reason at all. No, they weren't even selling hot mac n' cheese- which was a grave disappointment. 

Our beautiful City Hall. It was refreshing to have the protesters gone- although the poor homeless people couldn't hide out there anymore. :-(

A few of the beautiful Macy's windows. 


And here was the only thing Bill was really interested in seeing...

A good looking Honda cafe racer. 

I realized we didn't take any pictures of ourselves. I've never been a big picture person but I promise I'll get better at the self-portraiture.

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