Sunday, December 11, 2011

On the 4th Date of Christmas...

My true love took me climbing and out for sushi. But first he brought me these...

He came home with bouquet of simple, white flowers that were tucked into his backpack. He does this a lot and it never ceases to make me smile like a crazy person. 

Then we went out for a Friday night climb- not the typical Friday night outing but it's our cup of tea. 
I'm really getting into climbing at the gym. Maybe its because half the time you get to sit on the floor and watch other people and its still considered "exercise". 

Afterwards, we went to get sushi- another new interest of mine- at Kisso in Old City. It was pretty fun. Me, clumsily stabbing giant rolls with chop sticks, Bill telling me what it is I am eating, and a bottle of wine. Pretty perfect. 


Date #5 was last night when we went to Bill's boss's holiday party. Its a coming-together of people old enough to be my parents but it is always entertaining and its nice to get a chance to meet the people Bill works with. 

We got a little fancy for the event, which is fun, but any time I have to get dressed up, our room generally looks like this afterwards... 

Yeah... its a little bit of a problem... 

Luckily, I got a pretty present from his boss, which made cleaning up when I got home a little more bearable. 

He gave each of the wives/significant others a little gift, supposedly for putting up with long hours. We each got an identical little box and inside were these little gold fortune cookies. Inside the cookie, we each got a personalized "fortune", which were more like little digs at the boys. Mine read "You will be close to someone who loses wisdom (teeth)." Clever, clever. 

Puns aside, I loved the little gold fortune cookie and now prop it up in fun little places that will make me smile.  

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