Friday, December 9, 2011

Going Round Three

Wednesday was Date #3 and the first with an agreed-upon activity. In other words, I didn't drag Bill to a flea market or holiday craft fair (though he's a trooper and handles such outings with quite an unbelievable amount of enthusiasm and stamina). Instead, we went to the Penn Museum of Anthropology- an awesome museum on University of Penn's campus- for a talk on Stonehenge as part of their "Riddles of Archaeology" series. 

It was certainly a gamble as such a lecture could bore you to tears or, conversely, be the college archaeology lecture you always wanted. Lucky for us, it was more of the later. A quirky, well-spoken Brit presented his own findings on Stonehenge as well as several theories surrounding its reasoning- all of which proved pretty interesting. 

It was also in this incredible lecture hall... 

Look at that stunning ceiling! I felt like we were in Rome. 

After the lecture, we decided to try out a new Venezuelan restaurant, Sazon, recommended to us by a friend. 

The place, which was a simple establishment, seemed to be the cherished product of a husband-and-wife team, she from Venezuela and he from the States, where she worked as both chef and the only-waitress. 

The food was pretty good and there was definitely a lot of it... 

A passion fruit juice that I drank up pretty quickly 

My meal- a sort-of Venezuelan BBQ beef with fried plantains 

Bill's meal- a massive chicken burger with cheese, an egg, bacon, and mayo sauce.... HELLO heart attack! 

And my personal favorite... Jenga fries! If we were at home and didn't mind throwing food on the ground, I would have totally challenged Bill to some Jenga on this one. 


Stay tuned for dates four, five and six which are all going down this weekend! 

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