Monday, December 12, 2011

On the Sixth Date of Christmas...

We went to Cabaret Red Light's performance of The Nutcracker. It was based on the original story by E.T.A. Hoffman called The Nutcracker and The Mouse King which is a little racier and riddled with social commentary than the Tchaikovsky version.

Of course, as this was a burlesque version, it was probably racier than even Hoffman's play, but it was          nice to have a different telling of the story all the same.

Cabaret Red Light is a pretty small production company but they seem to pull out the stops throughout their shows. In fact, in the summer they have a pirate-themed production that is actually on a real pirate ship! Well, its not used by pirates, but it looks like its probably used for Hollywood pirates! For The Nutcracker, they had an amazing live band perform songs that they composed, and a few even Hoffman himself composed. They had some amazing props like this grandfather clock...

And they incorporated a very stylized puppet show that was an interesting side story. 

Sadly, we didn't get to take any of our own pictures but I snagged a few from the website. 

This was an image from last year's performance- which seemed to have been inspired by Black Swan. This year's snow flakes were less nasty looking and had some more revealing costumes.

Like this one...

Which was pretty spot-on with this year's costume.

Our narrator, Drosselmeier, who acted as grandfather, narrator and resident comedian.

I did, however, grab a pic of Bill in his new duds, which he wore to the show. Might I say he looks rather charming (especially 'cause he has a beard again!)

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