Monday, December 5, 2011

On the second date of Christmas....

My true love took me to a little outside Christmas market at the Piazza in Northern Liberties. I believe we've taken several family members there for some diner eats.

The event looked pretty cool. It was marketed as an outdoor Euro market with food and gift vendors. On top of that, all the shops in Northern Liberties were having a snowball sale where you get an additional 10% off each store you visit.

When we got there, Bill bet me that it was just going to be the usual vendors they have at all outdoor events in the Piazza- a few hippie hat salesmen and some old women who sells scarves and Jamaican tie-dye dresses. I didn't believe him and bet him it would be much more interesting.

He won.

The usual crappy vendors were there with a few interesting food trucks that were packing up when we got there. There was this really cool brick-oven pizza place in a truck. They had a real oval, brick oven fireplace in the truck! And they had this cute little, string-light covered awning over their serving space. It was a real tricked-out truck :-)

All-in-all, though, this was our general sentiment...

This is what Bill won for the bet....

(I might have snagged a couple...)


While Bill did win the bet, I scored a good lunch on Saturday as a half-date of Christmas. We went to Jack's in an attempt to convince Bill it was good (I think its a great little neighborhood bar and grill and so-far Bill has been thoroughly unimpressed) 

The meals themselves were nothing to speak of but they must have a great baker there. They start you with these great homemade cornbread muffins and banana nut bread with butter and jam and everyone leaves with a tiny chocolate and almond cookie which is to die for. So we tried a baked dessert this time....

Apple cobbler a la mode. Mmmmmm.....


Yesterday Bill went for an-all day climb out near Lancaster- which for those of you (clears throat... Illinois...), who aren't familiar with PA its a little city about 2 hours Southwest of Philly that is surrounded by
Amish country (like Intercourse, PA!!) and covered bridges.

Here's his correspondence from Way-Out-Yonder... 

(This beautiful train is an actual passenger train that has been beautifully restored. Check it out here

On the home front, I was getting into the Christmas spirit and making holiday crafts and baking. Yes, that's right baking. I NEVER, EVER bake. Its too calculated and uninspired for me; its a science man's game. But I was feeling decorative so I wanted to decorate a cake. I didn't really care to bake one, but I really felt like decorating one. Thus, I was forced to actually make a cake in which to decorate. Here's what I came up with...

Frosted fruit-covered goodness.


Tomorrow I will finally reveal my holiday decorating which, as of last night, is complete! 


  1. Hey, I know you! I didn't realize you had a blog. Consider me your newest follower...and I'd love to get together soon!

  2. It's pretty new. And yes, we need to make a date!