Thursday, December 15, 2011

On the Seventh Date of Christmas...

We went to see It's A Wonderful Life in an old theater! It was held at Phoenixville's Colonial Theater, the spot where Bill took me to see Casablanca on our first Valentine's Day. 

Phoenixville is a cute little town about twenty minutes west of Bill's work. 
Here's their decked out main street. 

This was the first time Bill had seen Its a Wonderful Life, or at least the first time he remembered it. I told him that I was sticking by my guns that its a timeless movie with a story line and situations that hold true even today. Believe it or not, he agreed with me! He liked it! He really liked it! 

See he's smiling cause he likes it! I'm smiling cause I have butter-covered popcorn. 

In fact, we even struck up a conversation on how George Bailey is a well-intentioned socialist and Mr. Potter, other than his stealing $8,000 and being a general grouch, is the poster boy of capitalism. 

Seeing the movie also gave me the opportunity to explain some of the things I do and say, like when I sing "Buffalo Gals" out of nowhere and when I say "Excuse me! Excuse me! I burped." Its probably no more endearing now, but at least now he knows. 

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