Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas- Part I

Friday night, Bill and I had our own little Christmas at home before we headed to his family's for the long holiday break. We started the night with our 11th Date of Christmas- meeting at Macy's for their Christmas light show. Well, actually, Bill made it to the light show and I made it about a mile away from the light show. I decided to walk the two miles to Macy's which meant I was about 15 minutes late. 15 minutes past the start of the 15 minute show. Oh well. I still got to enjoy the Macy's holiday decorations and got to at least see the giant light tree.

After heading home, we made a delicious steak dinner and started watching the George C. Scott version (aka the best version other than the Muppets) of The Christmas Carol. 

Bill and I also shared our gifts with one another- kind of a pre-Christmas Eve Christmas Eve. Bill got a backpack, a binder for his piano music, and some fun ice sphere makers from Japan. I got a beautiful eye shadow palette from Sephora and a dressing emulsifier. 

(That's Mr. Handsome Pants for those not in the-know) 

More to come soon! 

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